Friday, July 21, 2006

Have you secured the Death mask?

Loving the book 'Wicked'. I've really only started it, but I am engrossed! Now I wish I'd made an effort to get tickets when the play was here (is it still here?).

It's still uncomfortably hot here, 'can't decide if it's quite hot enough for the air conditioner (especially cause the storm is supposed to blow through any minute and cool thungs off). I think the oppressive heat this week is why I've felt so awful. First there was Saturday and Sunday with the sneezing (allergies? cold?) and then for the rest of the week it's been a combo of sneezing, nausea & a very unhappy tummy. So.. either I have a virus or I've been allergic AND maybe dehydrated from the heat?? I don't know, but I really need to feel better - and SOON!!

Weirdness at work this week. A friend/neighbor of my Dad's (an 89 year old man who is QUITE the character, he's always writing articles/books & the inside of his house is like a museum) called and asked if I could ship a package for him. He said it was "the death mask of the angel" !?!?! Obviously, I was a bit confused!! Turns out it was in a HUGE box, that we ended up opening and repacking for him (so it wouldn't break). He explained that it was of his friend Maurice Tillet, The French Angel, a famous wrestler years ago. When he died 3 death masks were made of him. Pat kept 2 of them (one he kept in his office!). When I saw it, it was MASSIVE, the guy had a disorder that hade his bones grow abnormally so he had a very large head. What it looked like was a 3 dimensional white plaster head. Whomever made it, made it more like a bust. I expected it to be just a face, but it went all the way around. I sort of wish I'd taken pictures of it 'cause it was really interesting. But now it's on its way to The Wrestling Museum (he donated it). After we had it all wrapped up I had to keep saying, "Have you secured the death mask?". It just sounds so Raiders of the Lost Ark to me!

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INTERESTED in the ANGEL said...

Donna, your post here, I added to my own blog: The mask / bust, you sent to the International Wrestling Museum is what led me to understand what I had. I have one of these death masks. Likely the only one not in a museum now. You said you wished you had taken pictures. I can get you good pictures of the mask you packaged and sent down there. Also I would like to talk to that neighbor of yours, if he is still around. It may help me clarify some outstanding mysteries. I am fully obsessed with the angel,Maurice Tillet, as you can tell from my blog. Give me a write back and I would very much appreciate your time.