Tuesday, August 1, 2006

wisdom teeth

ROugh day. Obviously, the heat is nearly unbearably. And, with my asthma, it is particularly bad. Add to that the current drama - and you've got a CRAP day! I've put off having 2 of my wisdom teeth removed for TOO long, and this week one chipped. Then, it broke. Calling my dentist and trying to schedule, having to work around a class I'm taking Friday and not knowing who's going to be in for the rest of the week (and therefore how much work I can miss) - all made for a stressful morning. Finally, we settled on removing it this afternoon (argh!).

Before I started seeing this dentist I always had a problem getting numb. Dentists always had to give me MANY shots of novocaine which would always make me feel awful later. Since I've been seeing my dentist (10 years or so) I've had NO problems. He uses this special needle called a wand, it's tiny. It's uses miniscule amounts of novocaine and it works so well. Well, today, it took THREE SHOTS! Maybe more, I lost track. Anyway, after that it didn't take long for the tooth to come out. But spending the next hour or 2 with bloody gauze in my mouth sucked. And then I waited for Glen to pick up my meds cause I felt so lousy I just couldn't manage. All I could do was lay on the couch and feel bad for myself.

Fortunately, we had banana cream pie in the fridge. Perfect dinner for someone who just had oral surgery! Don't know what I can have tomorrow. I think I have a vanilla pudding at work, wish I had some yogurt.

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