Friday, December 31, 2010

101 in 1001

1. make something everyday
2. blog daily
3. list something for sale daily
4. drivein at least once a year
5. replace couch in den with bed for guests
6. new kitchen counters
7. paint kitchen
8. sell at craft fairs
9. submit work for a juried show
10. rent house on the island
11. knee operation
12. see Mom at least 1x wk
13. stainless appliances
14. phys therapy/yoga 3x wk min.
15. go to lakehouse and paint as much as possible
16. reread Harry Potter books
17. watch all Harry Potter movies
18. hang out with sister in law
19. reopen Etsy shop
20. write book
21. 64 grams protein a day
22. clean out tupperware cabinet (get rid of stray pieces)
23. ebay guitar
24. buy sheet music / beginners piano book
25. find birth certificate

New Year's Eve AGAIN!

It's New Year's Eve and I have a bunch of stuff I need to do. Of course, my back isn't cooperating but I'll do what I can. Texted back and forth with a friend in the middle of the night and now we have plans for the night. I don't really care if I do anything big and outrageous. A night with G and friends is exactly what I want <3

Working on a list of resolutions/goals for the new year. One is to list something for sale everyday whether it's Etsy, Ebay or my own webstore (which WILL be up and running within a few months). So, yesterday I listed something on Ebay and today I'll do the same. I have this huge bag of LE MAC I need to sell. If it doesn't sell I'll keep it and be happy. BUT, selling it would bring in alot of money so here's hoping.

Every year I hesitate to take down the Christmas tree and this year I really want that space back in the livingroom (alcove, to be specific - it was meant to be our diningroom but we have WAY too many books to use it as that) so I want to take it down. Them down, I mean (I put up 3). But the cats still seem to be enjoying them. They hang out under them, sleep and even chew on the branches (weird cats). I feel like taking them down will make me the Grinch.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Glen dug the car out - just one more reason I love that guy!!

The blizzard pretty much forced me to stay in today. I'm already in pain so why risk falling on my butt? Anyway, I'm running out of pain pills so I REALLY need to get out tomorrow to fill my new script. Maybe buy some fun stuff at Target with my giftcard?

Just reheated some leftovers for Glen. Lasagna, chicken, green beans and now he's having Chocolate Ganache for dessert. Post Christmas leftovers are pretty darn good :) There's still alot of salad left so I have my lunch all ready to go. I'm pretty happy with the state out the house right now. My kitchen is primed and ready to be painted, my kitchen is free of clutter. The den does need work, but that seems manageable right now. I need to go through books and figure out what can be donated to the library. We don't have room to keep paperbacks we probably wouldn't want to read ever again. There are new art books that need a home too.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is here

It's Christmas Eve and Glen has just finished priming the kitchen (a job he has been postponing for a few YEARS). I have been cleaning and put a cake in the oven more than an hour ago. It is taking WAY too long and I'm worried the oven may not be operating properly. Sigh, we really don't want to buy new appliances right now and at the moment the oven AND dishwasher seem iffy. *grumble*

It's not been a good day really. I needed to get some work done and I was completely down and out with back, leg and arm pain. I plan to get some done tomorrow and maybe Sunday. Can't beat myself up, just need to cope and move on.

G had to run out for green beans. I felt bad 'cause I did forget to put it on the list. He didn't grumble too much. I'm still expecting a couple things to be delivered. Here's hoping they come in tomorrow *crosses fingers*. Although I shouldn't think this way, I keep going over a list in my head and wondering if everyone has enough gifts. Sigh.. such an american thing.

Tomorrow (today?) I think we're going to our friend's house for Christmas time fun in the form of a Christmas Rankin Bass marathon :)
That's assuming we all have time for it. Heck, I'll probably cook more tonight just so I don't have too much to do tomorrow. I really want to go to my friend's, go to church and enjoy the holiday. at some point I need to dye my hair too.

Christmas reminds me that I haven't seen my Aunt & Uncle in a few years now. I really don't understand how members of my family can hold a grudge so long. And I just realized I forgot to send them a card. Great (sarcasm). Now they'll think that I am angry at them too. I really don't want to get involved. That's why I've not spoken to them in so long. Grr...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

it is flippin' COLD here in Mass tonight

G is vacuuming and I need to put a bunch of stuff away before the bff comes over. We're going to paint ornaments and watch Christmas movies and... stuff. Doesn't really matter, I haven't seen her in ages so I just want to hang. So, first thing's first ---> sort a load of laundry and hope there's momentum.

Friday, December 17, 2010

slept all day - no good...

My pain has been really bad, which has made my sleep problem even worse. So, my doc called in a drug that was supposed to help with both. At first it did nothing so I increased the dose. I eventually fell asleep and slept all day and until 7pm tonight. Didn't get anything done but I guess I wouldn't have if I'd been in pain and exhausted either. Here's hoping tonight goes better. It's already 1am and I'm wide awake.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas shopping is pretty much done

unfortunately, i am an OVERSHOPPER and will continue to shop until Christmas. I've also bought myself WAY TOO MANY gifts. Pink Hello Kitty bag, pink Hello Kitty watch, Tiffany cuff bracelet, Tiffany earrings and an InStyler (which is AMAZING!). I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg, i'll know the damage better when all the packages come and the credit card bill too :( I did do something good this morning. i called and cancelled an order I made for a bag I only sorta liked. Also, if you know me (or have seen my closet) you know I don;t need bags, or shoes, or clothes. Check out my vanity and you'll yell at me and put me on a makeup diet for the rest of the year.Haha! That's only a few weeks!! Maybe I should try a 6 month nobuy. Or a lowbuy...

The insomnia doesn't help. i cruise all the deals online and find deals that just can't be denied. yep, i need a 12 step program. For me to be shopping when Glen is still unemployed is really unhealthy. Currently I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and ache everywhere. The prednisone is helping, I think the swelling in my joints must be abating but I'm still in pain. Can't figure out if it is purely my pain condition/reaction to meds or I really have  virus. May go out for awhile and see how I manage. blargh.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Unpleasant day stuck on the couch. I really am trying to not talk about or complain about my pain, but today I think I drove G crazy with my whining. It makes me feel guilty and I feel bad, almost ashamed, of the state of my health. Silly, and I know I need to get over it. It's not my fault and having health issues isn't a moral issue. I need to keep repeating that to myself.

In other news, our 3 trees are up and they are nearly done. It's just that I love to overdecorate so it's hard to know when they're done. There's one 6ft tree, one 4 ft tree that changes colors and a 3ft pink tree that doesn't have lights on it because I only have strands of 100 and that would be just comical. Anyway, I need to put the boxes away, clean the livingroom and bring out and organize my Christmas rubberstamps as Sunday is Christmas card day. My Mom and Marie are coming. I wonder if I should invite Marie's Mom but I'm just concerned about room to work. Hmm.. Also, do we need snacks?

Wish I could sleep. The pain is really nagging. I tried to watch tv, but I just keep flipping the channels. I've turned my laptop off and on 3 or 4 times already tonight. Spent sometime on ebay and that's never good (haha). So far I'm getting a Hello Kitty bag, Hello Kitty watch and Sharpie poster pain markers. I always do this. Buying gifts for myself is not cool. Oh yeah, also ordered an Instyler. I have my doubts, but if it works well I'll be so freakin' excited! If it doesn't work I'm going to return it.

Don't you want a pink tree too?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trader Joe's mini gingerbread men FTW!

It is absolutely freezing here! We did get some errands done: library. post office (argh!) Trader Joe's & the pet store for kitty stocking stuffers (shhhh!). Willow is suspicious though, he sniffed and thoroughly explored the bag they came in. Teehee! It's not that I need to *surprise* them it's that I like giving them all the toys at once cause they get excited and scramble around in the wrapping paper chasing balls & stuff.

That little gingerbread man up there? Yeah, he is DELICIOUS!! I have a whole box of yummy little men and we may need more before Christmas. Also bought this:
I think it's a gift? Or maybe I'll make him myself. Damn cute little (big!) guy, though.
UPS came right before we went out. Big Sephora box is BIG excitement here! Lots of goodies and I'm not sure who is getting what right now. Need to sort through it, work it out and wrap everything. I think we're nearly done shopping (when the packages get here) though. Just need to wrap up the loose ends. Maybe I need to find the rest of G's gifts, but I think that'll be easy.

TONIGHT? We TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Ummm... or, put up the tree <3