Tuesday, June 21, 2011

husbands that make tacos are good to have around

Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel (P.S.)
Just finished this book, which was both depressing and sort of dull.  For some reason I stuck with it 'til the end. It's about a young girl being raised by her junkie father. She sort of slips into prostitution due to her father's neglect. I almost didn't finish it, but am glad i did because it didn't end as depressingly as I expected it would.

 Wild Boy: My Life in Duran DuranCurrently reading this book.  Although I only liked Duran Duran for a few years (during Jr. High, maybe?) the book is an interesting flash back to the 80s.

Nearly done and then it's onto a book by Betty White. I believe she's written a few, so if this one is good I'll have to get the rest.
Here We Go Again: My Life In Television

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

suprises from UPS

For some reason (uh, stress), my sleep has been even more messed up than usual. I fell asleep last night (I have no idea what time) and woke up about 4am. Despite my best intentions I haven't been able to sleep since. It's funny feeling cold in the morning, pulling on more clothes and piling on the blankets only to start peeling them back off and changing repeatedly as the day becomes oppessive. My computer is telling me it's 80 degrees, but it's pretty damn sunny and fairly humid. I've had a headache off and on for the last day or so and I swear I'm dehydrated. Of course, I drink more than any one person should have to so there's not much more I can do.

The buzzer rang this morning and since I wasn't expecting anything it was a BIG surprise when the UPS man brought an uber-heavy box up the stairs. He handed it to me and I almost dropped it the weight was so surprising. I brought it in the house, still wreaking my brain and could not figure out what would be so heavy, make the kind of "thunk" noises it did and arrive out of the blue. Well, I slid my scissors under the tape and SUPRISE!! My Allure beauty box!! I 100% forgot about it. As I unpacked item after item I was just amazed at the good value it is. The funny thing is, I don't need body wash, or facial cleanser, or hair products for blondes. Aside from the things I don't NEED, the items that are left are worth so much more than what I paid. Squee!! Already have some of the hair products in my hair. I'm tempted to try a facial cleanser, but I'm really trying to use things up so I don't have dozens and dozens of bottles hanging around. I will try some of the ROC facial products and probably wear the NYX lip cream. I hope this isn't a color I already have. Can't be certain because I've misplaced the 2 I just bought. d'oh!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and we are reminded that life is pretty hard

Not much going on. At least nothing I want to talk about. I am making my middle of the night plans that I hope I will be able to execute when the sun comes up. Clothes to return, insurance calls to make, product photos to shoot, computer to ship back and on an on. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good about working on some keychains for an animal shelter fundraiser. After a half hour, maybe longer, I looked down and saw the "permanent" ink smudged on my hand and careas that were supposed to be white. Sigh, here's hoping I can sand the black off the white sections. Also, I pulled out my prismacolor colored pencils (which are fairly expensive) and I'm missing 1/4 of them. Mostly earth tones I need for this project. WTH? So random. I don't think I'll bother buying them individually as I can get a pretty good discount on a large set. Just sucks that I have to.

The last few days I've not been feeling well. And, I'm pretty sure I've messed up my stomach meds. Not eating, no schedule = no reason to remember meds. Yesterday I almost went to the hosiptal over the stomach pain after calling my primary care and gastroenterologist, both of whom refused to prescribe Sucralfate and instead told me to go to the hospital. Yeah, it's going to take an awful lot to get me back there. Today I slept off and on and then late at night the pain started again. Finally, I took a damn pill and I'm hoping I can keep ot up and avoid the hospital. It's not the bills, as I'm pretty sure I'm completely covered now. It's just the damn PLACE. I can't sleep there, everything is germy and gross, it's depressing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It was a bad, bad day

I am reminded that Karma is, indeed, a bitch. The situation here is not good and I know I have been less than kind lately. Could the bad fortune be my fault? Whether or not it is, it reminds me to be gentler and kinder in my everyday life. Honestly, I had been so much better in recent years, but something about living with the pain so long has pushed me to the edge of mean and cynical. I have many intentions, but my intention right now is to make it to church NO MATTER WHAT. I need to sort this out. I need to be better, live better and understand what I'm meant to be doing here.

  • healthy family and friends
  • love of my kitties
  • art to escape into
  • a roof over my head and food on the table
  • intellect to handle a bad situation and make it better
  • savings
  • skills to make money
  • cheap medication (that works SOMETIMES)
  • warmer weather and sun to boost my spirit
  • art girl days / nights
  • sell jewelry
  • promote blog
  • shoot pix
  • bbq at the beach
  • movies with gift certificates
  • dinner out with Groupons
  • swimming in Maine (need swimfins)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

it's the little things

So, today was not great. That's all I'm going to say about that. Well, a little.. I'm just starting my course of prednisone and it's not doing anything yet... Unless you count the fact that it KNOCKS ME ON MY ASS. WTF? I know I haven't taken them in awhile. but I don't remember this.

Now, for the good stuff. One of Glen's birthday gifts came in the mail, so I wrapped it up and had it ready for him. Pretty good timing, as he'd had a long/ rough day and I think it helped. Second good thing, Glen was able to go get my nerve meds for me this morning. I didn't wake up (that I remember, of course) so he went and got them. Ya know, 'cause he loves me :)  Third good thing, I had dinner ready for Glen when he came home. This is my goal NO MATTER WHAT. I have had some days I couldn't manage it since being sick (the month before and the month after the hospital were pretty rough), but I am really trying to keep this one up. Fourth, I relisted some ebay listings.

Still have a million phone calls to make, forms to fill out and general bureaucracy to deal with. The only thing I did was call the bank and they said they can't fix the issue until tomorrow. Oh well, at least they said they can fix it.

Tomorrow will be better.

  • call bank back
  • fill out gym app
  • fill out student loan app
  • make and list 1 pair of earrings
  • put away laundry
  • make giant salad for lunch & dinner
  • fill 3 bags with donations

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tornado watch in the state of massachusetts tonight

so, I cleaned and threw stuff away and eventually passed out whilst watching the lightning show in the bedroom. woke up when I heard Glen come home. We're having a wee bit of dinner and then back to bed. Tomorrow we need to pick up some essentials,. run some errands and hopefully grab lunch (or breakfast) at Strawberry Fair Restaurant. After Glen goes to work some serious art-ing will get done. Whenther by myself or with my artgirl. I have PROMISED myself there will be work up for sale this week and that I will continue to create and sell. Once I got in the groove before things moved swimmingly, so I plan to find that groove again. ONE drawback will be that my beloved laptop is being sent in for service (probably tomorrow or Friday). So, I will need to get things done between Glen's & Marie's. Shant be a problem, right? List item, blog, promote, repeat..

Things I want in my DAILY life:
  • music
  • create
  • sell my work
  • speak to friends / don't isolate
  • write
  • blog
  • yoga
Things I want in my OVERALL life:
  • swimming
  • travel
  • concerts
  • movies
  • good times with friends
  • reading
  • organized life
  • progress towards less pain
  • exhibit my art
  • art retreat
Things that need to happen THURSDAY:
  • Target to pick up nerve pain meds
  • photo jewelry
  • list at least ONE piece
  • make jewelry
  • clean desk in studio