Tuesday, October 9, 2012

insert witticism here

Sinus infection, ear ache, sore throat and fever. Lucky me. Plus, the meds are making me itch SO BAD! Tried to sleep for a few hours but ended up downloading vast quantities of apps to play with instead. Even tried one that was supposed to help me sleep by playing relaxing souds (rain, padding water, breezes and other soothing sounds) like they do at the spa. Still didn't sleep.

Talked to Dad in the afteroon. He'd just gotten back from Maine where my nephew shot his 3rd moose. It was HUGE! They brought 900 lbs. of moose steaks, burger, sausages, etc. home. I'm not thrilled with their hunting, but the animals live good lives in the wild (vs. those on cattle farms) and my family (not I, but the rest of them) do eat what they kill.  Also, the extremely low fat and cholesterol makes it very healthy. So, yeah, after so so many years I have finally come to terms with the hunting.

Anyway, Dad is going to come down for lunch one day this week (when I'm not so oboxiously sick) 'cause I really haven't seen him too much lately. I saw him briefly the day I got home from Squam, but was too tired to hang out. Before that he was in Alaska and before that I was in the hospital. So, yeah, think I should hang out with Dad for a while. Optimistically, I plan to make lunch here. Reaistically, we'll probably end up at the new restaurant down the street. This place was so great when we first moved here. The food was great, the prices were low, they had huge luxurious buffets on holidays and a great bar/venue for live music. My bridal shower was there too, in one of the dining rooms. Anyway, it;s been done over and I'm hoping it's even half as good so it can be our hangout againl The kind of place you might go out to when you want to go out but don't really have plans. Hecjk I don't even drink anymore so I'd just be in it for the music.

Later on I called Mom (I do wish she'd call me once in a while). She always says she knows I'm busy but more to the point I think she doesn't want to *bother* me. Well, it makes me feel bad but there doesn'r seem to be much I can do to change her. Talking to Mom, she seees irritated and on the verge of tears when she talked about her sisters. I don't know if I should attempt to intervene and see if they'll make an effort. For all I know she's doing the same thing to them that she does to me. Next week is another CAT scan and I'm going to be terrified til we hear from her doc. I am praying that it hasn't progressed. Or maybe, for a miracle! PLEASE~~

Just show up. Just show up. Just show up.

I haven't been here in a while and I'm not totally sure why. Well, lately I've been rolling a book idea around in my head and I haven't *done* anything about it. For nearly three months I've been developing characters and setting scenes, but it's all been in my head. I think it's time to admit that this might be writers block. Not something I've dealt with in quite some time (if at all). I couldn't help but equate this with facing a blank canvas and for that I've learned to just show up. Put something down, anyhing, just start working. You can go back and edit it later, or throw it away or just paint over it. In paintinng (and all my art making) I truly enjoy the process and generally don't hem and haw over each little brushstroke. If I get something worthwhile out of it, well that's a bonus. Arranging my palette, stretching a canvas, mixing colors and patting it on (or dabbing or scrubbing..) is meditative. I believe this approach allows the painter to get out of their own way and access the non logical, creative pathways of the brai.n.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

in progress shot

This painting had too much going on. There were several "ideas" floating around and nothing really worked. So, now I'm reworking it. Thought it would be more challenging than starting over with a white canvas. I like it so far and will post pics of the progress soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No sleeping equals lots of time to play. This is a piece of a painting I'm working on. I really like the different line qualities. I'm working on other elements in the same style, but this is the only section I'm 100% happy about. Now I have to glaze different areas and I'm not sure the paint markers will stand up to it. May try fixative before moving onto glaze. I think the "scribble" quality is due to me doing the Traci Bautista class online.

Glen came home today and we went for a ride to go pick up a delicious dinner (I had a Chicken Caesar panini)and take it down to the beach to eat. I wore a new sleeveless dress (that probably shows too much cleavage) and the weather was just perfect! I know this is optimistic, but if this holds we could conceivably have 6 months of summer!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Cards with Claudine Hellmuth

This is the most recent card kit I've purchased. I'm not really into the whole scrapbook, premade type crafts, but sometimes the elements included lure me in. That was the case with this, "Welcome To Swellsville" cardmaking kit from Claudine Hellmuth. It was Crafts day on HSN and I'd stopped to watch a bit and see if there were any must have products. When Claaudine showed this kit it looked like alot of product was included. Heck, she *said* there was alot - more than enough to make the cards and other items. Well, when I got the package and took the time to browse the contents I was somewhat disappointed. The illustrations are adorable, but some of them seem sort of random. Not only do some seem sort of "alone" they don't really have anything else in the kit that works with them. I hope that made sense. Secondly, the pieces do seem suited to a particular pairing or assemblage. There's not alot of creativity in what your cards come out as. Lastly, there isn't alot of product. There maay be a good quantity of cards and patterned paper, but there aren't NEARLY as many rub ons (very skimpy selection) or any of the other  pieces that have the illustrations on them. You can see a few cards I made on the right side of the photo, they are cute. All together I'd give this kit a C+ and U hope Claudine comes back with more well thought out products.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

carpal tunnel break

my carpal tunnel is bad, so I'm trying to be kind to my hands. I'll be back as soon as I can. With pictures of the painting I'm doing for my Dad (I hope!).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

art supply haul

My Michael's haul for today. As you may know I've had an infection for 5 weeks now and am just getting back on my feet. So, when we went out today I had to poke around and see if there's anything I "needed" at Michael's. First, I found the tape. They had loads of the colorful squares (my least favorite), some of the red gingham (not my favorite) and only one of the black polka dot and black/white ornate (I SO would've bought extras for a friend :(  Well, the tape was .99 so I had to get them all, Then there are those 2 clear stamps. There were more, but I don't use stamps much anymore, so they need to be versatile for me to buy them. They were .49 each. The big pack of oil pastels was some cheap brand, but I felt like I needed some so I figured I'd try them for $5.00 and I'm glad I did as they are creamy and smudgy enough for what I wanted them for. Lastly, there are those 2 glitter glues at $1.00 each (cheaper than Stickles!) and a pack of silvertone charms. As I walked out to the car I felt sort of guilty for letting material possessions making me feel happy. But, I love bargains and these are colorful things that inspire me to keep cutting, gluing and drawing. There can't be anything wrong with that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

still scribbling..

I've been working my way through Traci Bautista's Strathmore workshop for a few weeks now. It's been slow going due to the nasty virus that invaded my body, but I'm back at it now. Her work is so "pretty" and I couldn't put my finger on why at first. It is doodling afterall, not photorealism or impressionism or any of the isms we normally equate with pretty. Well, what I've come up with is (a) her color palette is saturated and gorgeous (b) her doodling really is doodling and as such shows the energy and dynamic personality of the artist.  What I'm getting at is - if you can give the workshop a try. You don't have to know how to "draw" you just have to be willing to play. Playing is always the most important part of art for me, so this my perfect diversion.
If you fall in love with her style and need MORE Traci, her new book is out and it's G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!  Hubby just gave it to me for my birthday and not only is there plenty of eye candy it also is incredibly inspiring. It really compliments my method of creating which is it's all about the process. Looking at Tracy's work I don't see painstaking efforts at realism or something else more lofty. It's an immediate kind of art and that is the tyle of art that accesses the dark recesses of the mind. Those are the places we don't consciously reach very often and honestly, they need to be aired out and dusted periodically!

So, that's what's on my mind lately. I have an art supply haul I photographed, but there are technical issues right now. Maybe I'll sort it out for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

going back to Squam...

Look at that. Who wouldn't want to return to Squam lake again and again? Coupled with the divine souls that gather for Squam Art Workshops and it really is a no brainer. I once heard it described as "finding your tribe" and I can't think of a more accurate description. A group of people gathered to make things. To create from nothingness. Humans with a need to sing, paint, write and take pictures.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to register for the Fall session before my first choice workshops were gone. It took me a few days to fill out the application as I didn't want to miss out on anything or get less than I could out of the experience. Gentle yoga down by the docks, paint and pages as well as rocks and wires. Honestly, I don't remember if these were my first choices, but I was so up in the air I let fate choose. Finally I wrote my check, tossed in some star shaped confetti and decorated my envelope. Within a week I had my confirmation in my email and a nice note about my embellishments : ) Now, there's just PAYING for the rest of it and elaborate list making (which I won't allow myself to entertain until August). Is it too early to bejewel a flashlight for the occasion?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I had the good fortune to spend Sunday afternoon with my good friend, Marie. She taught me how to make wire wrap rings and some of them were pretty good. Some needed minor adjustments and some just got taked apart and reformed into something new. The one above is my favorite. The maroon Czech glass oval ended up slightly off center of the "nest" I'd wrapped under it. That shape was crying out for something small and contrast-y. I think the green fresh water pearl does the job beautifully. I may take it a stap further and add something tiny and square. We'll see. Right now I'm enjoying looking at it and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Saturday I dragged the husband into A.C. Moore to use some coupons. First I grab 2 things I need (wire) then we go to the mall entrance to check out. Then I grab 2 things I need and we check out at the exit. Finally found some spray ink (yay!) and got a giant frame for my movie poster from Sweeney Todd. Of course, now there's more I need and a whole new batch of coupons. LOL!