Thursday, March 8, 2012

art supply haul

My Michael's haul for today. As you may know I've had an infection for 5 weeks now and am just getting back on my feet. So, when we went out today I had to poke around and see if there's anything I "needed" at Michael's. First, I found the tape. They had loads of the colorful squares (my least favorite), some of the red gingham (not my favorite) and only one of the black polka dot and black/white ornate (I SO would've bought extras for a friend :(  Well, the tape was .99 so I had to get them all, Then there are those 2 clear stamps. There were more, but I don't use stamps much anymore, so they need to be versatile for me to buy them. They were .49 each. The big pack of oil pastels was some cheap brand, but I felt like I needed some so I figured I'd try them for $5.00 and I'm glad I did as they are creamy and smudgy enough for what I wanted them for. Lastly, there are those 2 glitter glues at $1.00 each (cheaper than Stickles!) and a pack of silvertone charms. As I walked out to the car I felt sort of guilty for letting material possessions making me feel happy. But, I love bargains and these are colorful things that inspire me to keep cutting, gluing and drawing. There can't be anything wrong with that.

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reelynn said...

I am obsessed with material things too. I do some retail therapy when I am feeling down. Probably not the best way to deal with frustration.