Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Cards with Claudine Hellmuth

This is the most recent card kit I've purchased. I'm not really into the whole scrapbook, premade type crafts, but sometimes the elements included lure me in. That was the case with this, "Welcome To Swellsville" cardmaking kit from Claudine Hellmuth. It was Crafts day on HSN and I'd stopped to watch a bit and see if there were any must have products. When Claaudine showed this kit it looked like alot of product was included. Heck, she *said* there was alot - more than enough to make the cards and other items. Well, when I got the package and took the time to browse the contents I was somewhat disappointed. The illustrations are adorable, but some of them seem sort of random. Not only do some seem sort of "alone" they don't really have anything else in the kit that works with them. I hope that made sense. Secondly, the pieces do seem suited to a particular pairing or assemblage. There's not alot of creativity in what your cards come out as. Lastly, there isn't alot of product. There maay be a good quantity of cards and patterned paper, but there aren't NEARLY as many rub ons (very skimpy selection) or any of the other  pieces that have the illustrations on them. You can see a few cards I made on the right side of the photo, they are cute. All together I'd give this kit a C+ and U hope Claudine comes back with more well thought out products.

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