Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No sleeping equals lots of time to play. This is a piece of a painting I'm working on. I really like the different line qualities. I'm working on other elements in the same style, but this is the only section I'm 100% happy about. Now I have to glaze different areas and I'm not sure the paint markers will stand up to it. May try fixative before moving onto glaze. I think the "scribble" quality is due to me doing the Traci Bautista class online.

Glen came home today and we went for a ride to go pick up a delicious dinner (I had a Chicken Caesar panini)and take it down to the beach to eat. I wore a new sleeveless dress (that probably shows too much cleavage) and the weather was just perfect! I know this is optimistic, but if this holds we could conceivably have 6 months of summer!!

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