Thursday, May 26, 2011

going to Wales, going to Wales, going to Wales, going to Wales

Yep, our Gathering confirmation came. It's official, we are FINALLY going back to the UK. At minimum it will be for the Gathering, but I am hoping to stretch the trip to include a long meander through England and Scotland. I can't help it, but I'm already thinking about clothes, luggage, shopping.. There is so much makeup I need to get there I should probably make a list or risk missing out on some essentials. Of course, the exchange rate isn't great so mostly we'll be going places, taking pictures and doing things. May have to purchase a tardis, though.
Picked up a small blender yesterday, specifically to make my protein drinks with. The cup you blend in is actually a "to go" cup so it's really convenient. Wellll.... I tried it today. Not a particularly crazy protein recipe or anything. However, I got about half way through it when I became so sick. i don't know if I am THAT super sensitive to dairy (I did use Lactaid milk) or if there was a bit too much sugar in it. Not added sugar, just sugar from the ingredients. So, when my stomach finally calmed down I collapsed into bed and slept 4 hours or so. Now, it's 5:34 am and I haven't gotten anymore sleep. Grrr... All I want to do is go pick  up our new tv (please let it be right this time) and start my day. Of course G is sleeping and the friend I'm supposed to hang with today is probably asleep too.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Willow is staring at me in that super fluffy way of his

Pain meds are restocked and I'm experimenting with taking them on a schedule rather than waiting for the pain to become unbearable. It's counterintuitive to me as I generally feel like I should be "fighting" the pain and not give in. However, the first 2 days of taking my meds on a schedule have been pretty good. This experiment may prove worthwhile.

Still adjusting to a sleep schedule. Overslept some this morning, but will make it to the bead breakfast with Marie next week. I got the rugs cleaned yesterday, sofas and shower. There's alot more to do if we're having company.

  • bring rug to Marie
  • put down new rug
  • paint kitchen wall
  • clean den
  • deal with insurance
  • buy G's gift
  • buy party snacks
  • yoga
  • dye hair
  • hair cut
  • new counter

Sunday, May 15, 2011

rainy days and sundays

Sort of a laid back weekend. Am really running low on pain meds so I'm weighing my actions against the possible (painful) repercussions. Glen did end up nudging me to go out shopping. We went to Ulta where I got 3 NYX single shadows and then B&BW where I got 2 candles and 2 body lotions. They all smell like summer (coconut, pineapple, etc.). On the way home we stopped at the dollar store where I picked up 3 HIP lip glosses, alphabet stickers, stencils and gluesticks. Really great journaling supplies for dirt cheap.

Weird, but I was pretty tired tonight (and not in much pain) so I took a nap around 8pm. My sleeping has gotten so much better in the last month or so. I'm finally sleeping like a normal person. Even the QUALITY of sleep is different. I feel well rested. It's nice.

Painting my nails orange right now. Sort of wishing summer, I guess.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ulcer is still ucky

Friday was pretty bad pain-wise. The ulcer was really causing alot of trouble and I couldn't keep anything down. At one point I almost packed a bag for the hospital, but I knew I didn't want to go until G was home so I held off. Eventually I was able to take my stomach meds and get some water in. At least I got to watch the wedding as BBC repeated it all day long. By the time G came home I was significantly better - if exhausted.

Then last night I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time so I read, did my nails, watched movies, etc. My back and knee were very painful and I can only assume it was because I'd been off my nerve pain meds for too long. I took as much medication as I could handle but still was up and down all night. Finally fell asleep this morning but had to wake G up around 11:00 to take Emma to her post op checkup. Strangely, G told me that - I don't actually remember it. Unfortunately, they told G that they are closing. This really s*cks 'cause I haven't liked a vet as much as them. I really wish we'd gotten Willow in to have his teeth cleaned before this. Now, we'll have to find someplace else that we trust :( PLUS, I think they gave us a price break on Emma's teeth cleaning which was super nice of them.

Got a few art/craft books in the mail. Got them on a super sale and one is probably a gift so I don't feel guilty. Nope.