Thursday, May 26, 2011

going to Wales, going to Wales, going to Wales, going to Wales

Yep, our Gathering confirmation came. It's official, we are FINALLY going back to the UK. At minimum it will be for the Gathering, but I am hoping to stretch the trip to include a long meander through England and Scotland. I can't help it, but I'm already thinking about clothes, luggage, shopping.. There is so much makeup I need to get there I should probably make a list or risk missing out on some essentials. Of course, the exchange rate isn't great so mostly we'll be going places, taking pictures and doing things. May have to purchase a tardis, though.
Picked up a small blender yesterday, specifically to make my protein drinks with. The cup you blend in is actually a "to go" cup so it's really convenient. Wellll.... I tried it today. Not a particularly crazy protein recipe or anything. However, I got about half way through it when I became so sick. i don't know if I am THAT super sensitive to dairy (I did use Lactaid milk) or if there was a bit too much sugar in it. Not added sugar, just sugar from the ingredients. So, when my stomach finally calmed down I collapsed into bed and slept 4 hours or so. Now, it's 5:34 am and I haven't gotten anymore sleep. Grrr... All I want to do is go pick  up our new tv (please let it be right this time) and start my day. Of course G is sleeping and the friend I'm supposed to hang with today is probably asleep too.

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