Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tornado watch in the state of massachusetts tonight

so, I cleaned and threw stuff away and eventually passed out whilst watching the lightning show in the bedroom. woke up when I heard Glen come home. We're having a wee bit of dinner and then back to bed. Tomorrow we need to pick up some essentials,. run some errands and hopefully grab lunch (or breakfast) at Strawberry Fair Restaurant. After Glen goes to work some serious art-ing will get done. Whenther by myself or with my artgirl. I have PROMISED myself there will be work up for sale this week and that I will continue to create and sell. Once I got in the groove before things moved swimmingly, so I plan to find that groove again. ONE drawback will be that my beloved laptop is being sent in for service (probably tomorrow or Friday). So, I will need to get things done between Glen's & Marie's. Shant be a problem, right? List item, blog, promote, repeat..

Things I want in my DAILY life:
  • music
  • create
  • sell my work
  • speak to friends / don't isolate
  • write
  • blog
  • yoga
Things I want in my OVERALL life:
  • swimming
  • travel
  • concerts
  • movies
  • good times with friends
  • reading
  • organized life
  • progress towards less pain
  • exhibit my art
  • art retreat
Things that need to happen THURSDAY:
  • Target to pick up nerve pain meds
  • photo jewelry
  • list at least ONE piece
  • make jewelry
  • clean desk in studio

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