Tuesday, June 21, 2011

husbands that make tacos are good to have around

Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel (P.S.)
Just finished this book, which was both depressing and sort of dull.  For some reason I stuck with it 'til the end. It's about a young girl being raised by her junkie father. She sort of slips into prostitution due to her father's neglect. I almost didn't finish it, but am glad i did because it didn't end as depressingly as I expected it would.

 Wild Boy: My Life in Duran DuranCurrently reading this book.  Although I only liked Duran Duran for a few years (during Jr. High, maybe?) the book is an interesting flash back to the 80s.

Nearly done and then it's onto a book by Betty White. I believe she's written a few, so if this one is good I'll have to get the rest.
Here We Go Again: My Life In Television

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