Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Willow is staring at me in that super fluffy way of his

Pain meds are restocked and I'm experimenting with taking them on a schedule rather than waiting for the pain to become unbearable. It's counterintuitive to me as I generally feel like I should be "fighting" the pain and not give in. However, the first 2 days of taking my meds on a schedule have been pretty good. This experiment may prove worthwhile.

Still adjusting to a sleep schedule. Overslept some this morning, but will make it to the bead breakfast with Marie next week. I got the rugs cleaned yesterday, sofas and shower. There's alot more to do if we're having company.

  • bring rug to Marie
  • put down new rug
  • paint kitchen wall
  • clean den
  • deal with insurance
  • buy G's gift
  • buy party snacks
  • yoga
  • dye hair
  • hair cut
  • new counter

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