Sunday, May 15, 2011

rainy days and sundays

Sort of a laid back weekend. Am really running low on pain meds so I'm weighing my actions against the possible (painful) repercussions. Glen did end up nudging me to go out shopping. We went to Ulta where I got 3 NYX single shadows and then B&BW where I got 2 candles and 2 body lotions. They all smell like summer (coconut, pineapple, etc.). On the way home we stopped at the dollar store where I picked up 3 HIP lip glosses, alphabet stickers, stencils and gluesticks. Really great journaling supplies for dirt cheap.

Weird, but I was pretty tired tonight (and not in much pain) so I took a nap around 8pm. My sleeping has gotten so much better in the last month or so. I'm finally sleeping like a normal person. Even the QUALITY of sleep is different. I feel well rested. It's nice.

Painting my nails orange right now. Sort of wishing summer, I guess.

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