Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ulcer is still ucky

Friday was pretty bad pain-wise. The ulcer was really causing alot of trouble and I couldn't keep anything down. At one point I almost packed a bag for the hospital, but I knew I didn't want to go until G was home so I held off. Eventually I was able to take my stomach meds and get some water in. At least I got to watch the wedding as BBC repeated it all day long. By the time G came home I was significantly better - if exhausted.

Then last night I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time so I read, did my nails, watched movies, etc. My back and knee were very painful and I can only assume it was because I'd been off my nerve pain meds for too long. I took as much medication as I could handle but still was up and down all night. Finally fell asleep this morning but had to wake G up around 11:00 to take Emma to her post op checkup. Strangely, G told me that - I don't actually remember it. Unfortunately, they told G that they are closing. This really s*cks 'cause I haven't liked a vet as much as them. I really wish we'd gotten Willow in to have his teeth cleaned before this. Now, we'll have to find someplace else that we trust :( PLUS, I think they gave us a price break on Emma's teeth cleaning which was super nice of them.

Got a few art/craft books in the mail. Got them on a super sale and one is probably a gift so I don't feel guilty. Nope.

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