Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I had the good fortune to spend Sunday afternoon with my good friend, Marie. She taught me how to make wire wrap rings and some of them were pretty good. Some needed minor adjustments and some just got taked apart and reformed into something new. The one above is my favorite. The maroon Czech glass oval ended up slightly off center of the "nest" I'd wrapped under it. That shape was crying out for something small and contrast-y. I think the green fresh water pearl does the job beautifully. I may take it a stap further and add something tiny and square. We'll see. Right now I'm enjoying looking at it and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Saturday I dragged the husband into A.C. Moore to use some coupons. First I grab 2 things I need (wire) then we go to the mall entrance to check out. Then I grab 2 things I need and we check out at the exit. Finally found some spray ink (yay!) and got a giant frame for my movie poster from Sweeney Todd. Of course, now there's more I need and a whole new batch of coupons. LOL!

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