Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's been a bad day. I really have been having some terrible problems eating lately. I just get so sick. Most of the day I was sick, and when I'd felt better for awhile I ate some popcorn. Yep. It's bland and it seems to be the only food I can handle. Lame. I was loving it for quite a few months, but now I'm kinda resentful. Know what triggered my stomach trouble today? Greek yogurt. A food i thought was safe. After being sick for HOURS I couldn't have any more yogurt and I am afraid of protein shakes. Nothing seems safe. And taking my vitamins & pills in this condition is rough. PLEASE let me wake up feeling better! I have 2 doc appts. I need to make it to. One is a good old fashioned bewbie squishing (mamogram). Lucky me! (and I really mean it 'cause too many people don't have healthcare right now and this is so important.)

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