Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grasshoppers & Tim Bits

 Way laid back day. Slept late (yay!), ate my greek yogurt (working on my protein intake) while Glen ate his cereal then put on my bathing suit and walked down to the dock. It was beautiful and sunny. Went in swimming for a bit, but the sun was in and out so I didn't stay as long as usual. My legs are still sore though, so I did get a fair bit of exercise. Went back to the house and hung around the deck watching the hummingbirds come and go. I am always amazed at how tiny they are. They look so much like bumblebees to me!

George the Grasshopper
While sitting on the deck this little fella came round. Since he was hanging out I figured I'd try to get a good picture of him. Why I didn't try macro, i don't know. Of course the weather turned gorgeous again. Didn't bother swimming anymore though. We decided to go get some groceries and explore a bit.

Since Glen has been pretty into coffee lately we stopped into Tim Hortons. Strangely, even though we drove all over Canada we had never tried it. I heard Tim Bits were the thing to get so we got a little box of them and a really good donut that had vanilla cream in it. While eating and hanging out i struck up a conversation with some older women wearing red and purple.
Of course that means they're in the "Red Hat Society" so I asked them what adventures they had planned for today. They said they were just there for coffee, but had recently taken a trolley trip up a mountain (I forget which one). They wanted to know all about us, where we were from, what we did, etc. I love chatting with strangers. It makes me feel that there's actually hope for the world when I meet people that aren't mean and bitter.  Cynical? Eh, at least I still have hope :)

Next we stopped at a Rite Aid because there were some chairs I wanted for the deck (here and at home). Luckily I found them! They're black iron with wicker seats and they're half off 'cause it's the end of season. We just have plastic furniture on our deck at home and I want to "stage" our deck when we decide to sell. They didn't have the matching table, but I'll get it next summer (or at another store). The deck chairs here are pretty old so it was good i found some replacements at such a great price. They may need to be painted white, but my dad has a spray paint machine so that won't be a problem.

Finally, we went to the Super Walmart for groceries. Found a new flavor of sugar free pudding. YAY!! Caramel!! Haven't tried it yet, but anything that's caramel and only 60 cal. is a winner in my book. Also got a box of mini cupcakes. Perfect for me, so I can have one but not get sick. And they're chocolate with chocolate frosting, so Glen is happy. LOL!!

Mostly this evening we've been relaxing. I took a little nap, Glen blogged. We're going to watch a little Craig Ferguson. Life is good :)

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