Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on the road again

Just can't wait to get on the road again. Yep, we're back at the lakehouse. Had a few days free so we came up, hoping to squeeze some more fun out of summer. I had a therapist appointment first thing this morning. She's nice, but I don't know that she's a good *fit*. She is also a nurse about to be licensed as a NP, so she understands my health concerns and nutritional needs. That's helpful. Maybe I was with my last therapist so long that we weren't breaking any new ground? Maybe she was too nice? Guess I need to roll this around in my head for a bit.

Then we had to give the housesitter our keys and drop our friend's birthday gifts off before we hit the road. By the time we got here we were both a little tired (and I was so sore!) so we indulged in short naps. The Maine air is just so different than home. I love falling asleep and smelling that air. Now we're sitting here eating sammiches and watching "Pawn Stars". Chillin'

Anyway, I think "Captain America" and "Super 8" are at the drive-in. Glen knows I'll see almost anything if it's at the drive-in, so I'm sure we're going. There's also a really nice independent bookstore down the road that has a great magazine selection (I love to buy art magazines on vacation). Mostly I'm planning on hammock naps, laying on the dock reading, swimming and painting in the backyard. We'll BBQ in the back yard and eat big salads made from the garden veggies. Late at night we'll have a fire and watch the fireflies! Yep, trying to squeeze the last bits of fun out of summer.

Blah. I just noticed I forgot my vitamins (it's always something). If there's a CVS in the area I'm in luck because I have $10 Extra Care Bucks to spend. If I have to pick them up at Rite Aid or Walmart so be it. And, of course, I'm still on the hunt for the Dreamweavers palettes so browsing the drugstores is a great idea.

Glen wants to blog, so I'm going to go take a bath in the giant tub under the stars (love that skylights!). Brought some Lush bath bombs and books - I'll be in there for hours!!

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