Monday, December 27, 2010

Glen dug the car out - just one more reason I love that guy!!

The blizzard pretty much forced me to stay in today. I'm already in pain so why risk falling on my butt? Anyway, I'm running out of pain pills so I REALLY need to get out tomorrow to fill my new script. Maybe buy some fun stuff at Target with my giftcard?

Just reheated some leftovers for Glen. Lasagna, chicken, green beans and now he's having Chocolate Ganache for dessert. Post Christmas leftovers are pretty darn good :) There's still alot of salad left so I have my lunch all ready to go. I'm pretty happy with the state out the house right now. My kitchen is primed and ready to be painted, my kitchen is free of clutter. The den does need work, but that seems manageable right now. I need to go through books and figure out what can be donated to the library. We don't have room to keep paperbacks we probably wouldn't want to read ever again. There are new art books that need a home too.

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