Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is here

It's Christmas Eve and Glen has just finished priming the kitchen (a job he has been postponing for a few YEARS). I have been cleaning and put a cake in the oven more than an hour ago. It is taking WAY too long and I'm worried the oven may not be operating properly. Sigh, we really don't want to buy new appliances right now and at the moment the oven AND dishwasher seem iffy. *grumble*

It's not been a good day really. I needed to get some work done and I was completely down and out with back, leg and arm pain. I plan to get some done tomorrow and maybe Sunday. Can't beat myself up, just need to cope and move on.

G had to run out for green beans. I felt bad 'cause I did forget to put it on the list. He didn't grumble too much. I'm still expecting a couple things to be delivered. Here's hoping they come in tomorrow *crosses fingers*. Although I shouldn't think this way, I keep going over a list in my head and wondering if everyone has enough gifts. Sigh.. such an american thing.

Tomorrow (today?) I think we're going to our friend's house for Christmas time fun in the form of a Christmas Rankin Bass marathon :)
That's assuming we all have time for it. Heck, I'll probably cook more tonight just so I don't have too much to do tomorrow. I really want to go to my friend's, go to church and enjoy the holiday. at some point I need to dye my hair too.

Christmas reminds me that I haven't seen my Aunt & Uncle in a few years now. I really don't understand how members of my family can hold a grudge so long. And I just realized I forgot to send them a card. Great (sarcasm). Now they'll think that I am angry at them too. I really don't want to get involved. That's why I've not spoken to them in so long. Grr...

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