Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve AGAIN!

It's New Year's Eve and I have a bunch of stuff I need to do. Of course, my back isn't cooperating but I'll do what I can. Texted back and forth with a friend in the middle of the night and now we have plans for the night. I don't really care if I do anything big and outrageous. A night with G and friends is exactly what I want <3

Working on a list of resolutions/goals for the new year. One is to list something for sale everyday whether it's Etsy, Ebay or my own webstore (which WILL be up and running within a few months). So, yesterday I listed something on Ebay and today I'll do the same. I have this huge bag of LE MAC I need to sell. If it doesn't sell I'll keep it and be happy. BUT, selling it would bring in alot of money so here's hoping.

Every year I hesitate to take down the Christmas tree and this year I really want that space back in the livingroom (alcove, to be specific - it was meant to be our diningroom but we have WAY too many books to use it as that) so I want to take it down. Them down, I mean (I put up 3). But the cats still seem to be enjoying them. They hang out under them, sleep and even chew on the branches (weird cats). I feel like taking them down will make me the Grinch.

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