Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas shopping is pretty much done

unfortunately, i am an OVERSHOPPER and will continue to shop until Christmas. I've also bought myself WAY TOO MANY gifts. Pink Hello Kitty bag, pink Hello Kitty watch, Tiffany cuff bracelet, Tiffany earrings and an InStyler (which is AMAZING!). I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg, i'll know the damage better when all the packages come and the credit card bill too :( I did do something good this morning. i called and cancelled an order I made for a bag I only sorta liked. Also, if you know me (or have seen my closet) you know I don;t need bags, or shoes, or clothes. Check out my vanity and you'll yell at me and put me on a makeup diet for the rest of the year.Haha! That's only a few weeks!! Maybe I should try a 6 month nobuy. Or a lowbuy...

The insomnia doesn't help. i cruise all the deals online and find deals that just can't be denied. yep, i need a 12 step program. For me to be shopping when Glen is still unemployed is really unhealthy. Currently I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and ache everywhere. The prednisone is helping, I think the swelling in my joints must be abating but I'm still in pain. Can't figure out if it is purely my pain condition/reaction to meds or I really have  virus. May go out for awhile and see how I manage. blargh.

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