Tuesday, October 17, 2006

finally bought light for bathroom (though not what I realy wanted)
pipe under sink broke! how much will this cost??
got photos back from camera I'm currently using (mediocre)
must buy tix to see Amanda play
phys therapy Monday, seems too soon
need to make color xeroxes
pack art supplies for classes

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INTERESTED in the ANGEL said...

Donna - I have added your blog comments from 2006, "Have you secured the death mask" to my blog "http://deathmaskofmauricetillet-theangel.blogspot.com/" This mask that went to the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum, is what alerted me to what I had. I have one of these. Likely the only one in existence outside those in museums. You said you wished you would have taken a picture. I now have tons of picture. Let me know if you want pictures. I know Patrick was your next door neighbor and I would love to talk to him if he is still with us. Please respond to this follow up, and I will get ahold of you.