Friday, May 14, 2010

Robert Downey Jr.

was great on The Late Late Show. Glad I stayed up. Now I really need to sleep as I have to get up at 7:30am. Currently waiting for my nails to dry. I won a contest and got this big makeup bag full of goodies. The color I have on is sort of irridescent periwinkle. The brand is Sparitual which is supposed to be the "healthy" type of polish. I hope it lasts well. There was also a sticky basecoat and quickdry topcoat. I so rarely use base or topcoat, it would be awesome if I could get my nails to last longer between manicures.

Sigh, my Pilot is making a bit of a squeal when I turn the wheel to the right. I think I'll wait and get my dad's opinion Monday. Don't want to run off to the garage if its not necessary.
Had my cell off all day so I missed talking to our friend Laurie, but she did send a text inviting us to a party tomorrow night. I hope we can go. If my pain is bad I won't make it, but if I can keep it at bay all day then we should be ok. PLUS, we'll stop at Five Guys on the way (which makes Glen SUPER happy). Laurie has a pingpong table that always turns parties into crazy games. Plus she has awesome cats and is pretty nice/fun/great herself. yep, we need to get there. It's also a bit far, but I don't mind driving.
We desperately needed groceries so we went to Super Target. The bag I was ogling weeks ago was marked down from $45 to a little less than $8.00!!! Woot! It's really big so I need to be careful not to stuff it, but it's so cool - I Loveit!! And it matches a pair of gladiator sandals I have. Speaking of sandals I also started looking at the Cynthia Vincent sandals but I know I have 4 pairs of sandals on their way to me so I had to walk away. Also looked at some amazing dresses but really wasn't in the mood to try on.

Mother's Day was nice. I picked my Mom up (and then my crazy aunt) and we went shopping and out to lunch. I bought 3 pairs of jeans (trying to quell my itch to pick up some Seven jeans) really cheap. The restaraunt we went to was really good. They gave us all small boxes of hand dipped truffles at the end of our meal. But, since I have a hard time eating much I had pretty much all my meal packed to go. Then i forgot to take it. d'oh! Anyway, I didn't realize til I drove my aunt and Mom home. Then i was driving back, feeling mad at myself, so I stopped in the restaurant on a whim. I guess I thought since the container obviously held an entire meal our waittress may have put it aside. Well, she didn't but before I could say "well, thanks anyway" the manager ran off and made me a whole new dinner. Woot! they just one a very faithful customer. I was just blown away. You don't see good customer service anymore, ya know?

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