Monday, April 18, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Today I went with a friend to a neat thing called The Breakfast Club. It's a meeting of jewelry artists that get together at a local bead store (wholesaler?) and work together while eating breakfast. I got a few things done. Some interesting hair combs which will probably be for my Mom, some experimenting with new wraps/bezels and some pendants. Everyone was super nice and we all had different styles and interests so we definitely learned from each other. Afterwards I couldn't help myself I had to buy SOME beads. Anyway, we plan to keep going Mondays and I'm also going to try going Tuesdays. Getting work done like that will help my motivation to sell my work, stock my webstore, book craft fairs. The things I really want to get done.
Taxes are done (finally). Probably way too much stress for me right now, but i got it done. We owed. Not good. Must cut back for awhile to make up for it.

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