Thursday, July 21, 2011

sad songs, they say so much

Hanging out in the livingroom (the coolest room in the house) with Glen while watching "The Tourist" on DVD. Glen doesn't seem interested yet. I hope there's an explosion or something to lure him in!

It's been a terribly hot day. We haven't left the house and tomorrow's not going to be any better. However, boredom will probably win and I'll go do SOMETHING SOMEWHERE tomorrow. I really want to go see Winnie the Pooh, but I'm afraid super hot days probably mean the theatres will be jam packed with annoying little kids. So, we'll wait a week or 2.

Monday Glen took me to the pain doc. We discussed how bad the pain was when we TRIED to drive to Maine. There are a few options, none of them great and certainly none guaranteed to work. So, for now my meds are changed and I'll let her know when I'm ready to try injections again. I'd have a new doctor for that, which is great 'cause the last doc was kind of a jerk. There's also a thing they implant in your back that sends out electrical signals that are meant to confuse the pain signals. Not thrilled with the idea of an "implant". Sounds painful and invasive. Hopefully it won't come to that.

My new TENS machine arrived today and I can't get it to work. Will fiddle about with it later.

Working a wee bit on my online class. Must really throw myself into it. I'll regret it later if I blow if off. It all comes down to feeling like I need a dedicated space to work. Of course, my studio is filled with tvs and video game systems (and video games) so it's overwhelming to think of making room for making art.

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