Saturday, February 27, 2010

wash away my sins

Stayed up all night Thursday night. Got dressed and out the door around 9:00. Picked up an incredibly overpriced green iced tea (which tasted AWFUL) and we were on our way. Well, Glen got some fancy coffee too (banana blueberry crumble?? maybe) or he wouldn't have been very pleasant to be around. We headed south and were at the meeting just in time. I felt a bit out of place, but it was ok cause I was with Glen. The people were really focused on resumes and interviews and corporate america. I have a career, I need to reinvent myself with artist statements and shows and classes. I want to turn my art into my job. It's another whole skillset. I don't really care how to interview I need to sell myself in different ways. BUT, I can see that it's good for Glen. he already is developing resumes and strategies to get into publishing and that is something he probably wouldn't have worked on otherwise.

ANYWAY, afterwards I went to Ulta and Glen went to gamestop. Just for a few minutes cause we needed to get to my surgeons appt. I got a free Joico hair constructer, a set os 3 mini OPI polishes and then I bought an aromatherapy sleep balm (that I think WORKS!) and 2 full size OPI polishes from the Hong Kong collection. Why does this make me so happy? Is it a normal girl thing or is it cause I'm an artist and am suck a sucker for the pretty colors? On the one hand I should be cutting back but I didn't spend that much and I got FREE STUFF!!! I'll probably take pix of my most recent hauls and post them with my mini felted kitty pix :o)

The surgeon was quick. I brought my syringe of Euflexxa and she injected it between the bones in my knee. i even tried to video it but realized I cant watch it! So, DELETE!! Anyway, it did start to hurt almost immediately, so Glen drove home. He tucked me in on the couch with a big iceback under my knee, my laptop and the remote control. I was super tired but the pain kept me awake. I finally gave in and took enough pain meds to sleep briefly.

Around 7:30-8:00 I woke Glen up and made dinner. Although chicken parm was SUPPOSED to be dinner I was lazy and made "Breakfast for Dinner", which is actually something we both like. I can only eat a tiny bit of french toast, but I can eat several turkey sausages and they are AWESOME!!! The pain started to make me cranky so I went to bed.

Several hours later I was awake AGAIN and SURPRISE SURPRISE, Glen had made a video he'd been meaning to. It's his first, it's jittery and such like mine are, but we'll get better. His is about his HUGE videogame collection. It would've come out better in natural light, but HEY, he shot it and I'm not going to criticize it :-) I'm uploading it right now.

Spoke to a friend tonight, kinda hoping we could get together but she had plans. I try not to make plans til the last minute cause I feel bad if i have to cancel. Oh well, we'll get together during the week.

Speaking of "the week" i don't know what the plans really are. Are we going to Atlantic City and is it too cold/snowy too? NJ got hammered! I keep looking up NYC hotel rooms but the city is a mess when there's this much snow too. We really need to get to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA before it closes.

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