Thursday, March 4, 2010

up too late

I really wish my body could adjust to a schedule. A schedule that allowed me to be a part of the REAL world. Sure, it's pretty normal for an artist to be up all night, but it sucks that I have such a hard time getting things done during the day. Tomorrow (today). Friday - whatever - I have to go get my allergy shots. I hate doing it cause it's not a quick thing. After you get the shots you have to hang out to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction. The waiting room is always full of loud sneezey kids. Ewwww... I don't touch the magazines, I bring my Zune and a book. After that I need to go get the 3rd Euflexxa shot it my knee. Although I definately improve after them it does hurt for a day or 2 after. But then I don't get any more for 6 mths. woot!
Of course my appts. aren't scheduled together so I need to find something to do with myself that won't entail shopping. If I can possibly go home inbetween I will. Cause then Glen can come with me, we'll get lunch and after I get my knee injection he can drive (while I whine).

Playing with my new phone, filling it up with music. I was excited to shoot video with it (and I have) but I can't DO anything with the video now. I guess I need to use Quicktime, but something isn't right. Plus, how will i edit it if I can't use Windows movie maker? Grrr...
About the SCHEDULE. I really want to implement "work hrs" during the day where I sit down at my drafting table or easel and just work. Waiting for "inspiration" is just a cop out. Showing up is the key. I don't expect 8 hr days, maybe 10-1 and 3-6? If I just had a coach to whip me into shape.

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