Friday, March 5, 2010

I pay these people?

Finally made it to the allergist (a week late). Used my new phone instead of my Zune and was thoroughly entertained for the half hour I had to wait. Do you know how many times I listened to Bree Sharp sing "David Duchovny"??? I really want to use a clip of that as my ringtone. When I went back in to have my injection sites checked the nurse gave me a bag full of Advair samples. Woot! Even with insurance they're $45 each - so free is good :O) As I told Glen "I made money by going to the allergist" (ya know, cause I saved the $$$)

Called the surgeon's office to see if they would squeeze me in early and they said to come over. That worked out cause my allergist was right next door. For some reason, the surgeon who I've liked up til now seemed kinda cranky. Oh well, that was the last of the injection series so I won't have to go back for 6 mths.

Pretty much immediately, the pain started in my knee and went down to my foot. So, I didn't make it to the beauty supply store. I did really want to pick up some Argan oil. I hear you can get a little bottle for $1.95. It's a good way to try it cause I don't want to invest in the big bottle if I don't think it'll work on my hair. I do use Ojon on my hair (which works beautifully) but it is terribly expensive. Maybe the Argan oil will be a good replacement?

Earlier in the day I picked up some Glucosamine Chondroitin for my Mom. CVS had it BOGO and I had already gotten some for myself (I'll try anything to stop the pain). They also had BOGO for Revlon so I picked up the baked mineralized Brighten and Bronzer. I have the Brighten - which I LOVE and she was about to replace her Laura Geller bronzer (which is $35!) so I bought her these which I HEAR are the exact dupes for Laura Geller's.

Came home and found out that Glen had skipped his job loss support group. That, combined with the pain and PMS made me quite bitchy. Muscle relaxers did knock me out for awhile and Glen has been VERY UNDERSTANDING. He even went to get me cookies to "help the PMS". Sweet...

We did tackle organizing the closet further which entailed MUCH vacuuming (which is horrible for my allergies and asthma) and throwing away shoes (gasp!). But, the closet does look great. Tomorrow I hope to tackle moving the furniture and setting up my vanity.

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