Monday, January 17, 2011

very uncomfortable in my skin

Really. really have been feeling weird these last few days. I feel like I could climb out of my skin. Have tried to relax and read - no go. Can't concentrate. So, I got some sleep (a few hours after hours of getting up and down outta bed) and am now trying to kill time until I'm myself again. Can't call the doctor ( I'm wondering if this is a part of my insomnia) cause I still don't have our insurance sorted out. Well, I bet I COULD call her if I told her why I can't come in. She's been pretty good about helping me on the phone. I really do have somewhere to be and right now I just can't :(  More adventures in letting people down, I guess.

On the bright side, the livingroom, kitchen and bedroom are all looking pretty good. Having everyone here fore Christmas had it's added benefits. Now, if I could only tackle the studio. I look at all sorts of organizational pieces and am tempted to buy them, but right now isn't the time. Maybe when I get the storage towers full and a work area clean I'll see what I might still need.

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