Thursday, July 6, 2006

I was up all night last night. Thoughts racing, no good reason, just unable to quiet down and stop "planning". So I didn't get to sleep until around 8am this morning. Normally, I'd still wake up around noon or 1pm, as I don't sleep for long periods. Today I'd given in and taken clonazapam, guaranteeing an actual 8 hours of sleep. So, I rolled out of bed around 4pm. Called my sweetie who was on his way home, read for awhile, cuddled the cats. Ate some turkey. When I got around to logging on and tracking a package (that should've been here DAYS ago) UPS claimed to have been here at 4:10. I was awake at 4, there was no doorbell, there's no note outside. Grrr.. If I have to stay home tomorrow to wait for them there will be heck to pay.

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