Saturday, July 8, 2006

lazy Saturday home with my sweetie

Glen and I installed the airconditioner. Contrary to the information I was given, the sliding insert "thingy" is NOT long enough for sliding glass doors. It's probbaly 4' long. So, we improvised for now, but I am going to make some calls to compain and see if they'll send me more pieces so I can extend it. Regardless, it KICKS ASS!! We only have it running right now and most of the house is very comfortable, if it were very hot outside we'd turn on the bedroom airconditioner and be all set. Yep, I'm not leaving the house 'til fall.

I've been trying to clean out loads of crap (er..) I mean "collectables" so I'm listing loads of ebay auctions and trying for the first time. I think the only thing that might bother me bout is having the stuff round 'til it sells. I also want to give away as much as I can to Big brother/Big Sister and throw away what can't be donated or sold. I want SPACE. I want to be able to paint and play the piano and entertain and find all my clothes and decorate and..

Glen and I ran out to Walmart last night on a whim (needed trash bags, diet soda, cereal) and I found a great skirt for $15 and top for $12!!! I used to be such a snob, but I'm getting better. As long as they don't LOOK cheap I don't mind, I'm THRILLED that I got such a cute outfit!

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