Sunday, July 16, 2006

sniffle sniffle

I got the suds. Can't sleep, just snifflin' and sneezin'. Blah. Don't know if I'll go anywhere today 'cause of the heat and the unending sneezing. But today is Artbeat and that is EVERSOTEMPTING.... Guess I'll wait and see if the meds kick in.

Spent some time yesterday cleaning out my closet and donated a bunch of handbags and shoes to charity. Really need to control the shoe buying impulse! Those shoes weren't even worn!! Also threw stuff out (mostly my stuff, some of Glen's). I'd gotten these metal shelf dividers like they use in clothes stores and they made a big difference when I put stuff back. I think I'd better get rid of some more though, as I have a few more summer outfits on their way.

Maybe if I'm feeling up to it I can do something (decluttering/organizing) with my studio today. What I need to get done in there is my piano needs to be in there, which means I need to get rid of either my desk or drafting table. I think I might get rid of my huge, ancient (very sturdy) desk and replace it with a smaller computer desk from Ikea. Then the drafting table could be replaced with an IKEA table also, or maybe I can get an L-shaped table? I just need to make more room for an electric piano on its stand. i want to be able to sit i my leather chair and wheel from my desk/work area over to my piano. Ideally I can leave my easel up also.. hmmm. I also think I need to get rid of loads of stuff and try to organize everything onto the shelves.

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