Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black glossy paint and white washed shadow boxes

I tried to go to sleep earlier but couldn't relax so I got up and started doing some mindless prep work. White washed some shadow boxes intended for beachy tableaux and painted this wooden stand glossy black to go with our wrought iron bed. It'll be a great place to leave my large traincase. Try as i might not all my makeup will fit in my vanity.

Earlier in the day Glen went out to see Splice with his Dad. Just as well, my allergies were making me cranky so it was best that I was alone (except for the cats and they understand). When he came home I had to gather myself and force myself out the door. We did the usual: iced tea, library, dollar store. During the day it had occured to me that i needed more frames for some mixed media work. I wasn't sure they'd have what I needed, but if they did i figured  I would be able to offer some lower priced pieces. Fortunately, there were  few frames I thought might work so I got them.

When we got home I immediately set about cropping pieces and putting the finishing touches on them. It was so simple: I thought these pieces weren't done and I didn't know what they needed. Well, they WERE done I was just over thinking it. With a bit here and there I have a pretty cohesive collection and I look forward to offering them at reduced prices. I think it's really important to be able to afford art. Something unique. Maybe small piece above the kitchen counter or in a corner of your livingroom. Something to make you smile everyday.

Well... there would've been pictures but I let ALL my batteries go dead so they are currently charging. No worries, later today will be just fine. I also want to work on some notebook/sketchbook/scrapbooks but the binding machine I bought arrived broken. Will try to borrow one from my friend while I have the urge. In the meantime I think I'll get the papers and size worked out.

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