Sunday, October 17, 2010

new works in progress

Loving stencils and spraypaint at the moment. I'm coming up with loads of backgrounds and many that I like just the way they are. Also great for cutting up and using as covers on my "Potpourri Books". Ya know, if I can ever get going with the binding machine.

Glen working has been sort of strange for me. I'm trying to get "enough" done every day so he doesn't resent me. One day I slept ALL day (still struggling with insomnia) and felt terrible about it. Last night I made him whole wheat fusilli and chicken parm for dinner (plus he took some for lunch today). If I could get something NOTICEABLE done I would feel so much better. Friday I felt like I was cleaning and putting things away from hours but it just doesn't look it.
There's my sweetie <3 This is in Maine on the Kennebec river. It's fairly close to the lake house.  We usually stop there at some point as it's on the way to MY FAVORITE DRIVEIN EVER!!

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