Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my closet exploded!

OK, it exploded awhile ago. But, we finally cleaned it out so Dad can put the shelves back up tomorrow. I am AMAZED at how much stuff was in it. There were so many SHOES and HANDBAGS! I have to get a picture or at least count them before I start sorting them and putting them back. I may even mention the total to my therapist to see if she thinks its a problem. I kinda think it is, but at the same time there really aren't any shoes I want right now so at least I'm not adding to it. Right? I know I'm going to donate alot and throw out alot and hopefully have a more closet. This place just doesn't have the kind of storage necessary for my shopaholic ways :) And my shopping addiction needs to be better controlled right now.

Cancelling Netflix really hasn't been a problem. I'm getting DVDs from the library and pretty new ones at that. Last night I watched The Lovely Bones which was better than expected. I'd heard pretty mediocre, but the book was so good I figured I'd give it a go. The one thing I found sort of vague is the way purgatory is portrayed. I read the book several years ago, but I think the book made more sense. Anyway, also got Alice In Wonderland which I've been dying to see and it was fabulous! I already know I need to own it. I bet Santa brings it (if I'm good).

My ebay sales aren't going as well as before. I don't know if I'll continue after this stuff is gone. The next thing to go will probably be my Rosebud Blythe. She was my first, but I like the darkhaired ones so much better. Plus, I think she's appreciated in value. Which makes me wonder if holding on to her longer might be worthwhile?

Playing with the binder but haven't really nailed it yet. I want to make something unique (handpainted covers) that's also marketable. It's high time I got my Etsy shop up and running again and there is SO MUCH competition in the jewelry market. I thought diversifying might be a good idea.

Picking Glen up at work was tempting. I sat there in the car, looking up at Nordstroms and wondering if they had the MAC Tartan Tale out yet. I am so tempted by this collection but the swatches I've seen so far are a bit vanilla. I hope MAC didn't play it safe with the colors. Anywhooo, it comes out officially tomorrow. Heaven help me! (and my bank account)

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