Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pain is bad, I've slept all day and all I can think of are the

Wet N' Wild holiday palettes. LOL! Last week I hit every drugstore from here to my dad's house. Now I hear they're showing up in more places so it's time to do it again. Ya know, when I'm not ouchy and stuff. Maybe by the time G gets home tomorrow I'll feel up to the hunt. So funny, I never would've given a d@mn about WNW stuff, but in the last year or so their quality has gone through the roof. "Club" was on my list to buy next time I was at MAC. Well, WnW had knocked it off! Woot! One WnW palette (of 6 colors) $4.99 or 1 MAC pan $11.00. Clear winner, me thinks ;)

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