Saturday, November 27, 2010


Casual evening at home. Glen and I went out earlier and picked up some movies, books plus Christmas wrapping stuffs & a couple gifts. Was planning on having an artsy-type night with a friend but my knee started to act up as soon as we went out. I didn't know how bad it would get so I called her and postponed 'til tomorrow. 

Called Mom while we were out and she immediately said, "I'm sorry". I also apologized. So, that was nice of her because the way things went on Thanksgiving day made me super upset. What Glen and I did do on Thanksgiving day was go over his sister's house and ate dinner with the inlaws. It was nice and she even sent us home with leftovers which were greatly appreciated last night when we ate them for dinner.

I've had this big bag of apples here TAUNTING me ('cause I keep forgetting to eat them), so I finally busted out that apple coring/slicing gadget and made a big pan of baked apples. MAN, the house smelled AMAZING and they tasted pretty good too! Even Glen liked them and he *hates* fruits & vegetables. We have leftovers for tomorrow too.

Part of the shopping included party supplies: Santa plates, Santa napkins and those big red party cups. Of course, when we got home and put them away it turned out I had extras from last year. No big whoop. When Glen starts his next job he'll get Santa napkins in his lunch. LOL! Now, the reason we got party supplies is because we're considering having both families at the house. That would be Mom, Dad, step mother, step sister, brother in law, niece, nephew, mother in law, father in law, sis in law, aunt, uncle, best friend and her parents. That is ALOT of people for me to deal with. Last year we paid for catering, but i know we can't afford that this year :( I'll probably make lasagna for Christmas Eve or maybe I can go to church Christmas Eve and have everyone on Christmas Day. I wonder if it's "ok" to make lasagna for Christmas? Is it festive?? Is it "fancy" enough? Hmmm...


Mouseybrat said...

lasagna is great for christmas, my sister makes it every year.

Bonnie Schulte said...

I was invited to a very nice get-together a few years back, on Christmas day. The Hostess served lasagna, and it was a big hit. Go for it!!! Bonnie in WI