Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hot Pink NYX Blush & Space pigment

Glen dropped me off at the front of Ulta (cause it's FREAKIN COLD!) and I had a bit of a browse through the potions and powders. The Bare Minerals MUA wanted to "help" me but I just let her find me the Lorac 3D set. Swatched the new Urban Decay chubby eyeshadow pencils and was REALLY impressed. They seem to be as waterproof & longlasting as the 24/7 liners. Speaking of which, I didn't even look for the anniversary set and I really need to see it before I buy it. Hmmm... another Ulta trip, perhaps? Anyway, I looked round til I found the new EXPANDED NYX display and then didn't know what to get. The leopard bronzer looks GREAT, but I'm accumulating too many bronzers for a girl so pasty and pale. Who knows, might get it later. Decided on the Hot Pink cream blush and Space pigment. Using my coupon they came out to less than $7.00.

Next stop Bath & Body Works. Dragged G in so I could get an extra free body spray (he's good like that). I didn't see one for Forever Sunshine :( so I'm waiting to get that. Did pick out 6 of the new mini candles in the summer scents and got Black Amethyst & Twilight Woods free. I really like that they offer the small sizes as I hardly ever run out of anything so the small sizes suit me better.

Got back to the car and talked with M until we were home. Much talk of bras and boobies~! LOL~ Today I got dressed and put on this bra I hadn't worn in AGES and it just didn't feel right. I took it off, adjusted it, put it on. Weird, I looked weird in it. Then I took it off and looked at the size. 44C! When did I wear that?? It's so pretty, has it really been sitting there 3 years?? Makes me think it's time to get refitted.

In serious news, I am confused by the news out of Egypt. I understand why the citizens wanted him gone but I worry about what will come next. A democratic society is a process and it won't happen overnight. The new government may not be great. And, yes, I worry what that means for us.

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