Friday, February 11, 2011

watching youtube on a Friday night

Typing this with a pile of goodies on the coffee table and makeup swatches on my hand. It was a good day. We slept too late (I swear because of the weather) and I had a rough time getting going, but eventually we did. Picked up some iced tea then headed to Target. Picked up a prescription and got a $10 giftcard in return. Woot! All my experiences with the Target pharmacy have been so good. Really personal service and the pharmacists have really gone above and beyond to help us work out prescription issues. If they can keep this up I'll probably never go back to CVS. Heck, I think we ended up using CVS just because they had a drivethru and were near the library.

Anyway, got the groceries at Target and really stocked up on kitty litter, treats and Fancy Feast. Must be prepared in case of another New England blizzard. After we ran back to the car with the food I wavered as to where we would go next. Had a dozen things to do but really didn't want to do anything. Promised to do a favor for a friend yesterday so we headed for Colony Place.

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