Thursday, February 24, 2011

up all night... oohh stayin' up all night..

My body and schedule are just not normal right now. I think what happened was the pain was bad, i took 2 pain pills, I got TREMENDOUSLY itchy from the pills and couldn't sleep. So, when the itching died down yesterday I got a bit of a nap and now that the sun is up my circadian rhythmns are fighting sleep. Wonder if I could wake G up for a post Valentine's breakfast (we never made it out on VDay so we're planning to go out soon)? But then all the breakkie foods I love are almost impossible for me to eat now. Bye bye pancakes...

I am wrestling with feelings of inadequacy right now as I continue to feel like I let people down :( . G, family, friends.. I wonder how long they will be tolerant of me?

call M
gesso canvas'
go out to eat with G
clean/sort/donate clothes from den
press shadows

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